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If you are one of our "typical" patients you have probably searched the internet many times in the hopes that you would find that "miracle cure" that you need so much. If you really did your work correctly, you probably found as many pages trying to sell you that cure as pages trying to prevent you from wasting your money in what they call "QUACK". That is the case of www.quackwatch.org a page dedicated to "Quackery, Health Fraud, and intelligent decisions".

If you read their "Twenty Five Ways to spot QUACKS and Vitamin Pushers", you will find that number thirteen states the following:

They Claim That "Natural" Vitamins are Better than "Synthetic" Ones.

This claim is a flat lie. Each vitamin is a chain of atoms strung together as a molecule. With minor exception, molecules made in the "factories" of nature are identical to those made in the factories of chemical companies.  Does it make sense to pay extra for vitamins extracted from foods when you can get all you need from the foods themselves?

The fact is that Synthetics rely on formulas that according to the AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS are not as accurate as we may think they are. Technological advances have made possible to determine that a simple formula lake that of water, that has for long been known as H2O, is in reality H1.5 O. The same goes for every formula they checked, like benzene whose formula was known as C6 H6 and with the new technology has been determined to be C6 H4.5.

You can find their article in their WEB:


These new discoveries leave us with many questions about the synthetic products being exactly the same as their natural counterpart. If we look at the formula for Vitamin E, also known as TOCOPHEROL = C29 H50 O2 (2,5,7,8-tetramethyl-2-(4,8,12-trimethyltridecyl)chroman-6-ol) and considering that the errors in simple formulas are around 25% it could be easy to understand why synthetic Vitamin E could cause cancer instead of helping prevent it.

Aim Light proudly states that their products are "ALL NATURAL" and our suspicions that synthetics "do not work" are backed by the findings of the American Institute of Physics.