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Cancer: Recognition to laboratory

Marta Eugenia Loschacoff (DNI 1.773.785) domiciled in Paraguay 3529 5º P D of Federal Capital, Argentine Republic (T.E.5411- 4822-7396), I go to you to attest on my disease and its evolution to be taking AIM LIGHT Immunologic Revitalizer, 3 daily capsules, having access to the same ones by donation, non-paymentable aid for my.

My disease was cancer, being affected the breasts, leaves from some ribs and column, being no surgery possibility.

After 18 days of internment, linear rays (22) I received and I began to take AIM LIGHT Immunologic Revitalizer, having consumed 4 bottles to the date (2005 July) the results of the analyses are the following ones: 1026 (in November of the 2004); 126 (in March of 2005) and 25,9 (in June of 2005), such talk about the tumorlike marker (it sucks).

Psychically I feel well; I feed to me correctly and before committing to me it could not move the right leg. Now I can move the feet and knees and to mobilize itself in wheelchair, with attendance of kinesiology, but in the personnel the credit of the good evolution is for AIM LIGHT Immunologic Revitalizer. It did not have life expectancy and now the immunological markers give me totally clean.

This testimony, written very , is for helping to other patients in seemed conditions, presenting my improvement and to be thankful to the company of medical scientific researches (specialized in diseases autoimmune) Aim Inc. Light of the USA located in 168 1 street 401 Suite Miami Florida the 33131 USA. Telephone: 305 358 3326 email: immunonutrition@outlook.com.

Published in the newspaper the Race of the City of Chicago, the USA, the 09 of February of 2005.



My name is Walter Rodriguez, I am Argentine, been born the 18 of 1972 July, in the city of Mar del Plata, province of Buenos Aires.

My present telephone number is +54-223-4110982. Step to tell my experience them with Aim Light IR.

In the 2002 my weight it was of 120kg, (at the present time it is of 113). Then tapeworm a problem in my penis, when it had an erection instead of stretching the skin it became broken and it bled, this brought many complications to me by the pain and the constant annoyance that step to number:
1 - at the moment for having relations it did not feel the pain, but when finishing the pain was very intense (this caused that it did not have relations in periodic form)
2 - when it cleaned up to me took about 15 minutes in exposing the member due to the pain and all this towards under the hot water flow that diminished the pain.
3 - at the moment for tinkling, to explain it better, it was like tinkling knives
For but details of which it felt or to interchange experiences can contact to me to I number of TEL. or to my mail gaby8372004@yahoo.com.ar.

With this symptom and not knowing my affection I went to a clinic of this city. It takes care of a clinical doctor to me who when he examines to me the penis immediately commands to me to then do examinations of blood diagnosing to me (without having the analyses) that had diabetes.

I received the result and tapeworm 380 of glucose. It asks the doctor as serious the solution to him to my problem and it said to me: "the only solution is to operate and to remove the dead meat since this does not recover" To which I left the very ashamed clinic. As I am a person to whom it does not like the operations, very to my grief I decided to hold this terrible pain (this extended by two years)

In this period I proved with a called medicine the D.B.I effects were relative since it lowered the glucose at the moment that took it and last the effect followed such with previous values. He was then that I proved Aim Light IR and the changes were instantaneous. My glucose began to lower and it has not raised until today (my glucose then was of 485 getting to measure after 6 months 102) and but the important thing for my went that to the 4 days to be taking my 3 daily pills it notices that my wounds healed (these results were accompanied with a very simple diet)

Is today Julio of 2005 that I did not have but problems and I can maintain relations in normal form.


Cancer: Testimony upgrade 26 September 2006

Patient: Mrs. Martha Loschacoff
I have had cancer in the spine that was detected in November of the year 2004. I have received radiotherapy, volume a capsule of hormone called tamoxifeno and for I finish and especially, capsules of Aim Light Immunologic Revitalizer that are immunologic revitalizador, or activators of the immune system. Being interned the tumorous value it was of 1000. When I began to take Aim Light the low tumor like value to 27. At the beginning, was not able to neither to move the fingers of the feet, now I can move inside my house, with an apparatus called walkway that allows me to walk, leaning on in him, that can make: to walk and to make the corresponding kinesiológic rehabilitation.

One month ago they have been carried out a magnetic resonance the first one it was at the beginning of the illness and one can observe that the tumorous mass has diminished that doesn't commit to the marrow. The doctor, specialist in oncology said that I am privileged by the favorable evolution of the illness, yes is this way and the factor that produced "this miracle" is to have taken and I follow it making "Aim Light." This is my testimony that has been treated to have taken Aim non alone Light but rather the quality of life has improved considerably.



Hi, my name is Nahuel and in October 2006 I will be turning two years old.When I was 2 1/2 months old they found a virus in me called  “neuroblastomastage 4” (cancer cells in different parts of my body) I was treated with 3sessions of radiation and 3 session of quemotherapy in 20 day intervals.My parents and all my family were desperate and wanted to do anythingpossible to help cure me as fast as possible. They were by my side the wholetime and would pray day and night for my health. After I turned 1 and thetreatment that they had given me was sufficient for the moment, my mom cameupon " Aim Light"  and started me on daily vitamins. Since then, my body’sdefenses started coming up, the color of my skin started looking more aliveand natural, the dark circles under my eyes started going away and mystomach (which at first was a ball) started to shrink down to a normal size.In conclusion, Aim Light helped me get better very fast....If you, reading my testimony, are sick or know any one who is sick, aredesperate to get better, or for them to get better, please try Aim Light.You wont regret it. Its all natural.  Remember that the Lord works inmysterious ways. If you came to this site, its for a reason, it could be asign. Don’t ignore it.

Nahuel and Parents