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Aim Light Immunologic Revitalizer, a new therapy for the treatment of the immune system, is a new generation of medicine based on a combination of natural anti-oxidants and enzymes.
The molecular biology of the enzymatic mechanisms is the answer to this new AIDS treatment.  The results are encouraging.  Now, there exists a possibility to study the involved mechanisms.
Co-enzymes y enzymes have many biological functions that are not well-known including their participation in the immune system.
The protease together acting together with the co-enzymes unfreeze the immune system allowing the virus to be removed from the blood stream.
Diverse studies suggest that enzymatic combinations have the capacity to eliminate the antigen-antibody complex that block the immune system response from the blood stream.
It actuates by a double mechanism, viral membrane disintegration and viral reproduction inhibition like many authors refer as the effect saliva and tears.  Because of the evident effects it falls into the category of Biological Response Modulator, considered an immunotherapy. Every single biological function depends on the enzymes: breathing, digestion, thinking, hormone secretion, DNA synthesis or genetic material, muscular activity, and the production of energy so that each cell can work properly.

Enzymes are chemical mediators (biological catalyzers) that allow the transformation of a substance into another accelerating the chemical reaction process that otherwise could take a very long time or never happen.  They are proteins and are assisted in their function by vitamins, minerals and oligoelements that actuate as co-enzymes facilitating biological functions.  For the same reason, we all need to eat foods that contain proteins, minerals, vitamins, etc.
In modern society, we consume foods that provide only calories, but not the necessary nutrients, which together with the enzymatic inhibitory action caused by many pesticides; herbicides and food preservers that accumulate in our body through the years like DDT among many others can be detected in our blood even in breast milk.  This explains the damage to our immune system and biological functions caused by this toxin and enzymatic insufficiency through the years.

If we take into consideration that everyday stress is much greater than it was 50 or 100 years ago and although we have had many technological advances, this has come together with an increase in disorders in our nervous, endocrine and cardiac systems, immunity alterations and new psychosomatic problems we can understand the situation better.    

White cells are mainly responsible for our immune response, they are capable of receiving hormone and neurotransmitter stimulus, in other words, these substances produced by other body systems are capable of modulating and modifying our immune response. (The connection between the nervous, endocrine and immune systems has already been proven scientifically)
Nutritional studies have demonstrated that vitamin, mineral and protein deficiencies alter the immune system, which is particularly evident in infant malnurishment, and in AIDS fatigue syndrome.
There are substances that because of its effect are considered Biological Response Modulators although the correct term would be Immune Response Modulators.
Although this term is mainly associated to define substances considered cancer immunotherapies, this can be generalized to any illness in which the immune response is somehow altered. It is said to be altered because it could be diminished, augmented or aberrant. It is known that in AIDS, the virus changes its surface structure to cover itself and “hide” from an anti-body attack.  It is also common to find antigen complex –circulating anti-bodies- that will not allow our immune system to recognize the foreign element that it needs to eliminate in AIDS and many immune-deficient diseases.
This new development in the treatment of autoimmune imbalances, especially AIDS, bring new and true hope to all of us.