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Aim Light ® Immunologic Revitalizer Results

In 1992, clinical trials started in the U.S.A., Puerto Rico, Venezuela, France and Argentina with the participation of eminent researchers and health professionals dedicated to VIH/AIDS prescribing Aim Light Immunologic Revitalizer

In 1996, great improvement was achieved in more than 93% of the 2,720 patients infected with VIH that were treated with Aim Light ® Immunologic Revitalizer.  The effectiveness of this treatment was substantiated by the increase in the number of CD4 and CD8 lymphocytes and with the reduction in the viral load.  Vitamins, minerals and other elements in the composition of Aim Light ® Immunologic Revitalizer have proven to be very effective in VIH infected patients greatly reducing the most common symptoms.



Some analyzed clinical studies

Even when the patients are showing two ore more simultaneous symptoms, a successful improvement is obtained by
the use of this treatment.

Great improvement is obtained even when the immune system of the AIDS patient stops responding to the anti-retro viral cocktails.  Changes are evident not only in clinical tests, but in the well being of the patients that return to their everyday activities.