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About AimLight® products

Our scientific team has achieved a revolutionary advance in immunonutrition.
We must bring to your attention that our concept differs completely from what is commonly referred to as immunonutrition, that is an enteral or in most cases parenteral nutrition with supplemental arginine, RNA, and Omega 3 fatty acids. Our Immunologic Revitalizer is a potent combination of high quality and extremely pure enzymes, oligo-elements and vitamins that work by producing intracellular enzymatic catalysis and the hydrolysis of the immune system.
In most cases, our capsules may be administered orally with water in a completely non-invasive way and in the cases when the patient cannot swallow, it could be administered through a nasogastric tube or stomach bypass dissolved in phisiological solution.
Due to our scientists’ great dedication to research the immune system, we were able to find an adequate combination of elements that are essential to achieve the majority of the biochemical reactions that allow hormone synthesis, digestion, and food absorption which produce an increase in cellular reproduction and a boost in the body’s defense mechanisms.
Our body does not get from foods the nutrients necessary for it and its defense mechanisms to work properly making many of the diseases commonly known as chronic or incurable a mere product of this alimentary deficit.  Our Immunologic Revitalizer provides many co-enzymes for enzymes that act in the chemical reactions of our metabolism, some of which are critical for the proper functioning of our cells, which are also attacked by stress, tiredness, depression, and illnesses.
Enzymes (proteins manufactured by our body that act as bio-catalyzers), perform structural and metabolic duties, stimulate or inhibit hormonal functions, regulate phisiological response, control the speed and quality of nervous signal transmission and control waste secretion.  Enzymes are bio-catalyzers that allow the chemical transformation of great amounts of substrates from which the different components necessary for every vital process are produced.  
In order for these transformations to take place, every enzymatic system requires the participation of co-enzymes, that is oligo-elements, vitamins, and minerals the make it possible for them to fit exactly in the substrates. In contrast with enzymes, co-enzymes degrade during their activity and for that reason they must be replaced constantly.  An oligo-element deficit, for example, could produce the inhibition of some enzymatic systems, which could lead to many different diseases.
The average patient today shows a dietary imbalance that can be a consequence of:

    • The consumption of refined foods, which have lost many of their micronutrients.
    •  Bad dietary habits
    • Cigarette smoking
    • Alcohol consumption
    • Excessive toxics in the environment
    • Stress

    Our product Aim Light Immunologic Revitalizer has produced unprecedented improvements in patients with immune deficiencies and autoimmune diseases including, but not limited to cancer, solid and liquid tumors, leukemia, lymphomas, metastasis, hepatitis C, mononucleosis, diabetes types I and II, HIV-AIDS, pneumonia, hepatic cirrhosis, multiple sclerosis, patients undergoing dialysis.
    Our products are manufactured in the U.S.A. in F.D.A  (Food and Drug Administration) approved laboratories under a strict quality control and are authorized for free sale by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (F.D.A.C.S.).
    Our products do not present any secondary effects and they do not interact with other medicines.
    Our Immonologic Revitalizer is authorized for its free sale as a dietary supplement, which makes its prescription or recommendation by part of the medical professional common practice because it is not rare for a doctor to advise a patient to use vitamins and dietary supplements.
    Even though our treatments are authorized for their over the counter sale as dietary supplements, the results obtained are those of an advanced medicine and those results are backed by clinical tests.
    The effectiveness of our treatments does not require discontinuing standard treatments and though many times doing so would actually speed the recovery of the patient, it is our policy to wait until common sense and the improvement in the condition of the person will make it unnecessary the use of conventional drugs.

    There is an exception; however, with the use of corticosteroids because cortisone impairs production of interferon, one of the body's most potent immune agents and it inhibits the immune system as a whole.  Our treatment improves the function of the immune system, which is exactly the opposite of what cortisone and its derivatives do.  We explain this to our patients this way: Let’s suppose your car has noisy water pump, removing the belt will definitely stop the noise because the pump will not work, but does this solve the problem? Of course not, your engine will be useless in a short period of time.  We would never prevent the water pump from working to stop the noise we would repair it so that it works properly.  Even in the case of auto-immune diseases when it would seem logic to stop the immune system to prevent it from causing the condition, our approach is to make it work correctly, but never inhibit its functions.

    What to expect:

    In general:
    Our patients report improvements in their general well being after only a few ingests of our product.  There is usually a dramatic change within the first week.  Food absorption increases and the patient tend to gain weight. The use of pain therapies with morphine and/or codeine is usually unnecessary because patients report little or no pain within days of treatment.

    Cancer patients:
    There is a significant reduction in the size of the tumor and oncological markers tend to move towards their normal values.

    HIV/AIDS patients:
    There is a significant reduction in the viral load and a dramatic increase in lymphocyte T cell count.  Diarrhea stops increasing food absorption with a consequent weight gain.


    What is the Immunologic Revitalizer PLUS:

    This is our more powerful version of our Immunologic Revitalizer.
    The formula has been adjusted to produce a faster response for those cases in which time is critical. It is the Extra Strength Immunologic Revitalizer.

    In conclusion, the characteristics of our Immunologic Revitalizer and Immunologic Revitalizer PLUS can be resumed as:

    • Orally administered capsules.
    • Completely non-invasive treatments.
    • Produce an increase in our own defense mechanisms and there are usually radical improvements during the first week.
    • All natural products with no side effects.
    • There is no interaction with any medication that the patient may be receiving.
    • The patient may continue with the standard treatment.
    • Our products are manufactured in the U.S.A. under a strict quality control.
    • Our products are authorized for sale over the counter as a dietary supplement by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS).

    This products fall into the category of Dietary Supplements and for legal reasons we are unable to correlate them with any therapeutic action or to advertise any cures, however; that is not what the results show because we are seeing improvements in health that correspond to those of an advanced medicine and furthermore, these results are backed up by clinical studies. For all of these reasons we are faced with a series of challenges that leave us with many questions:
    Are we face to face with the cure that everybody else is looking for?
    Clinical studies and a long list of successfully treated patients seem to indicate so.
    How do we come apart from the products that sell those "false hope" sellers that make money out of other people's desperation?
    This may be the most difficult to explain, but it could help the fact that for many years we have been treating for free the majority of the patients that come to us looking for help. This has helped us develop an ever increasing database with their clinical histories and evolution from the moment they start with our treatment.
    What would the lucrative industry of medicine think about our products?

    We are aware that the popularization of our products could bring the drug industry to its knees leaving them without the possibility to sell expensive drugs and treatments that bring billions in revenues to both the manufacturers and the institutions that prescribe and administer them. For this reason we advance at a very slow pace, fighting skepticism with concrete data and working

    with volunteers that grow in number as the days pass and with no other publicity than the word of mouth of our previously treated patients and their families and friends.
    We believe we have in our hands the key that will open the doors to drastic changes and advances in the medicine of this century.